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project management in construction 7th edition pdf

Download Project Management In Construction 7th Edition pdf - By Sidney M. Levy


The project manager on a construction site can be likened to the hub in a spoked wheel around which all the on-site managerial activities revolve. He or she is the focus of the project’s owner, its architect, its engineer, and the construction team of subcontractors and material and equipment vendors. Government agencies, whether the local building department, the OSHA inspector, or myriad officials when working on public works projects, must also, be dealt with, and dealt effectively, by the project manager.

The journey from Point A to Point B is rarely a smooth one, often with roadblocks, detours, and sometimes sinkholes and the need to change direction quickly; this task falls to the project manager.

Along with having technical knowledge, the project manager must be adept at getting people to work together harmoniously, have some understanding of the legal world, and be an accountant at times and father confessor on other occasions. But all of these efforts and challenges seem to be worth it as we see the structure rising from the ground, advancing toward project completion, and finally turned over to an expectant owner. Then we move on to another project, but when passing that old job, we say to ourselves, “I built that.”

In the end, project management is an exercise in control—control over quality, schedule, and costs. Each one, by itself, is a full-time job, yet all fall under the responsibility of the project manager.

Project Management in Construction, Seventh Edition, examines many of the basic tenets involved in managing a construction project, dealing with the forces that will most likely be met and suggesting ways to overcome these forces and move on.

I have been associated with the construction industry for more than 40 years and have seen the many facets of that business, from working summers in high school and college as a laborer and a time clerk to full-time employment starting as assistant superintendent and graduating to project manager, and finally to executive vice-president of a major New England general contractor. Upon retirement, I became a construction consultant

the basic tenets involved in managing a construction project, dealing with the forces that will most likely be met, and suggesting ways to overcome these forces and move on.

Preface engaged with many project owners as well as general contractors and subcontractors. Through this work, I gained the perspective of each one of the participants, which has helped me to help them resolve their concerns and disagreements that usually arise in the complex process of the design and construction of a building or structure.

I pass this knowledge on to you, the reader, and quote an anonymous old-timer’s sage advice: “Smart men learn from experience; wise men learn from the experience of others.” I hope Project Management in Construction, Seventh Edition, will provide you with some of those worthwhile experiences.

project management in construction 7th edition Contents

  • Chapter 1. the Construction Industry
  • Chapter 2. the Start of the Construction Process
  • Chapter 3. The General Conditions of the Construction Contract
  • Chapter 4. ConsensusDOCS Integrated Project Delivery Contracts and the Lean Construction Concept
  • Chapter 5. Bonds and Insurance
  • Chapter 6. Organizing the Project Team
  • Chapter 7. Successful Project Completion Demands a Successful Start
  • Chapter 8. Estimating
  • Chapter 9. Buying Out the Job
  • Chapter 10. The Change Order
  • Chapter 11. Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Chapter 12. Project Documentation
  • Chapter 13. Claims, Disputes, Arbitration, and Mediation
  • Chapter 14. Safety in Construction
  • Chapter 15. Design-Build

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