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Cost Accounting and Financial Management for Construction Project Managers - free pdf

Cost Accounting and Financial Management for Construction Project Managers - free pdf

By: Len Holm

Book Description

Proper accountancy and money management are essential parts of any successful construction job and so form up essential skills for construction project managers and project engineers. several textbooks on the market target the theoretical principles of accounting and finance needed for head staff like the chief financial officer (CFO) of a construction firm. This book’s distinctive sensible approach focuses on the activities of the construction management team, as well as the project manager, superintendent, project engineer, and Jobsite price engineers and value accountants. In short, this book provides a seamless association between accountancy and construction project management from the development management practitioner’s perspective.

Following a whole accounting cycle, from the first estimate through price controls to financial close-out, the book makes use of one commercial construction project case study throughout. It covers key topics like money statements, ratios, cost control, earned value, equipment depreciation, cash flow, and pay requests. however, in contrast to different texts, this book conjointly covers further money responsibilities like price estimates, modification orders, and project close-out.

Also enclosed are additional advanced accounting and financial topics such as supply management, activity-based accounting, lean construction techniques, taxes, and also the developer’s pro forma. every chapter contains review queries and applied exercises and the book is supplemented with an eResource with an instruction manual, estimates, and schedules more cases, and figures from the book.

This textbook is ideal to be used in all cost accounting and financial management categories in both undergraduate and graduate level construction management or construction engineering programs.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Accounting Methods
  3. Introduction to Construction Management
  4. Introduction to Estimating
  5. Jobsite General Conditions
  6. Home Office General Conditions
  7. Financial Statements and Financial Ratios
  8. Cost Control
  9. Earned Value Analysis
  10. Activity Based Accounting
  11. Supply Chain Material Management
  12. Equipment Use and Depreciation
  13. Cash Flow
  14. Pay Requests
  15. Accounting for Change Orders
  16. Financial Close-Out of the Construction Project
  17. Lean Construction Practices and Cost Management
  18. Taxes and Audits
  19. Developer’s Pro forma

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Len Holm is a senior lecturer in construction management at the University of Washington, the USA, and a construction professional with over 40 years of experience in various roles, including supervision of project managers, estimators, and Jobsite cost accountants. He runs his construction management firm, has developed and taught several new courses for construction management students at the University of Washington, and is the author of numerous textbooks, including Management of Construction Projects, second edition, with John Schaufelberger, and Introduction to Construction Project Engineering, with Giovanni Migliaccio, also published by Routledge.


"In Cost Accounting for Construction Management, Len Holm successfully peels back the norms of construction project management and weaves in a detailed recipe for better understanding the broader study of construction financial management. By using specific case studies and intuitive exercises, Holm provides a compelling and detailed understanding of the delicate balance between construction cost accounting and project management."