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Advanced Steel Design of Structures - pdf

Advanced Steel Design of Structures By Srinivasan Chandrasekaran

Advanced Steel Design of Structures By Srinivasan Chandrasekaran


Advanced Steel Structure Design Explore the field of study and gain an understanding of the analysis and design of steel structures in general and offshore compliance structures in particular.

The ease with which steel can be recycled repaired and retrofitted compared to other building materials A business and eco-friendly viewpoint are one of the main advantages. The material strength of steel exceeds the yield value which not only meets the plastic design requirements of the structure but also guarantees permanent plastic deformation under overload. The chapter on plastic design covers some Examples that highlight the basics.

Advanced Steel Design of Structures examines the design principles of steel members under special loads and covers particular geometric forms and conditions not commonly found in standard design books. It simply explains high-level concepts using lots of illustrative examples and MATLAB® code.


Provides member analysis under asymmetrical bending.

Including structures with special geometries and their use in offshore applications for ultra-deepwater oil and gas exploration.

Numerical modeling and analysis of shock and explosion loads for steel members under fire conditions are presented

Includes MATLAB® examples that will help develop civil engineering students approaching this complex discipline.

An introduction to design concepts for steel members written for a broad audience will be suitable for advanced undergraduate students. Advanced design theory for offshore structures under special loads will be an attractive feature for graduate students and researchers. practice Engineers will also find this book useful as it contains many solved examples and practical tutorials.

Content :

  • Introduction. Chapter 
  • Plastic Design of Structures. 
  • Blast, Fire, and Impact-Resistant Design. 
  • Stability of Structural Systems. 
  • Mathieu Stability of Compliant Structures.

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